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American Modern Futurist Brass Reading Lamp

Personalize your home with accessories you’ve made yourself such as a DIY Floor Reading Lamp. They’re easy to make, useful and amongst the most popular types of home accessories. You could, of course, just buy a lamp. But why miss the opportunity of adding a personal touch to your home’s décor? Because there are many model of its and shade.

Here are few ideas of Floor Reading Lamps. First is Rustic floor lamp. To make a rustic floor lamp you can use an old lantern. Wire the lantern and give it a makeover if you want. A fresh coat of spray should be enough. Then build the rest of the lamp. You can use leftover pieces of wood to make a sturdy base. Second is Old books. Decorate an already existing floor lamp to make it more interesting. An unusual idea can be to take bunch of books and drill holes through each of them. Then make apart the lamp and insert the books onto the rod. It will definitely be a conversation piece. After that is Hockey stick for lamp. There are lots of thing you can use for building a floor lamp. A hockey stick is one of them. Here’s what you have to do: buy a cheap and simple floor lamp and replace the rod with the hockey stick. You’ll have to measure it first it fit.

Those above are suggestions how to make Floor Reading lamps. And hope it would be help you..

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