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Whether plain or ornate, crown molding gives a room an air of elegance. Crown molding gets its name from its placement at the top of the wall along the edge, where the wall joins the ceiling. You can give your room some extra flair by adding Crown Molding Ideas in colors that work well for the space.

First on Crown Molding Ideas is Matching Whites. If you have white walls, white baseboards and white ceiling, you can highlight your crown molding by painting it in a white gloss or semi gloss paint. Or, you can create a tone-on-tone look with cream walls and lighter cream semi gloss shade for your baseboards and moldings. After that is Enhance the Design. Choose a paint color that will bring out the best feature of your intricately carved moldings.

The designs on carved moldings show nicely when painted white. The white paint will reveal the slight shadows in the carving as light moves over them from windows and light fixtures. Choose white semi gloss or pastel shades that complement the ceiling and baseboard colors. And then is Stained Crown Molding. Stain wood molding in a rich cherry oak stain to bring out the beauty of the grain. Wood stains work well with colored or white walls. The depth of the stain color should complement the colors in your room. If you have dark wood furniture and trim, the moldings should be similarly stained..

Crown Molding Designs And Ideas

Crown Molding Ideas

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