Exotics Arabic Interior Design

Arabic Luxury Interior Design

Arabian styles identical with the touch of arch framework applied on the partition of the room, the window or door. It also has the pillars on some part of the room to indicate the image of the mosque. Here you could find the concept of the exotics Arabic interior design which you may be interested in with.

The concept of exotics Arabic interior design starts with the combination color between green, cream and orange. Most of the color applied is cream with the special touch of green in this part of the wall and orange on the other part of the wall. The best color of the floor is cream. Pick the cozy cream sofa to greet the entire guess in the living room. The table is made of the wooden dark brown teak wood. On the table you may place the Arabic decorative items such as the Arabic glass and the tea pot. It has a long neck for the tea pot and has a tall glass with the slim curved handle. On the corner you may place the flower vase with the fresh flower in it. The vase is so unique. The tall and cube form will differentiate the design.

Further to this, exotics Arabic interior design should apply the arch partition and window and door to make this consistent to be a comfortable Arabic dwelling with the thick Arabian atmosphere. Arabian rug will be the most important decoration. So it is nice to place as many as exotic Arabian rug in the living room, in front of the television, and in the praying room..

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