How To Decorate Your Fake Fireplace Mantel

Beautiful Design Candles In Fireplace Ideas

There are several things you can do to improve the appearance and some people even wish for a fireplace that comes straight from the pages of a magazine. Creativity and fun are the key words to keep in mind when choosing to decorate your fake fireplace mantel. When selecting items to display on a shelf or hung on the wall of the fireplace, select the item with something similar.

Candles, with good reason, which is often, used in decorative accessories for fake fireplace mantel. Add candles lit the fire that complements light working fireplace, and legs candlesticks add height mantel display. However candlestick also needs to be a material that will be in harmony with, not work against, your fireplace accessories. You do not want to be discordant with the candlestick material metal fireplace screens, fireplace tools and fireplace wood holder. Brass fireplace screens, tools, and other accessories, whether polished brass or antique brass, always work well with brass candle on the mantle. Informal rooms, wooden candle is also suitable with brass fireplace accessories.

You do not need to be limited to black wrought iron or candle when using black fireplace accessory. Consider metal candlestick coordination with other metals in your room and coat. If, for example, has a coat of silver bowls, silver candlesticks will look great on the mantle of the fireplace with black fireplace screen and tools. Likewise, a room with black fireplace accessories but the brass lamps and decorative accessories will enforce with brass candlestick on the fake fireplace mantel..

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